Creating Super Kids Better Behavior CD Series

I, Becky Blake, have been on a mission to help my own children reach their true potential (now in their 20’s and doing fantastic) and am now on a new mission to help families to best help their own children reach their true potential.

I get a lot of the same questions from families, educators and professionals, so I have created this Better Behavior Series for you to start getting your questions answered right away.

The Creating Super Kids CD series has tons of relevant content, useful tools and strategies that can be used right away. I give away tons of information as it is my mission to help millions of families help their children.

This can be done by looking at behavior different, learning how to recognize and relieve stress, how to plug in missing pieces of development while having fun and seeing changes with in days.

It is best to get the whole series, but if you want you can just get the ones that interest you at the time. I would definitely start with Better Behavior 1 and 2.

Better Behavior Level 1

In this hour long Audio, Becky Blake shares with you the five keys that have helped parents overcome issues many behavior issues with their children. After listening to her talk you will know:

  • What to do to get your child’s attention when talking to them
  • What you can do to create the most compelling future for your child
  • What to look for so you can stop tantrums from happening again

Learn what may be stopping your child from reaching his/her true potential. Discover some sure fire tips to best help your child that can be used right away. Learn to look at behavior differently, in order to truly understand and better work with your child.

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Better Behavior Level 2

  • Are you annoyed that traditional therapies are working fast enough, or at all?
  • Are you tired of not knowing why your child is still struggling?

This CD will show you why your child has struggles,
get to the root cause which in turn will help you and other know how to best help your child obtain remarkable results, quickly.
This CD covers Becky Blake’s Better Behavior Blueprint in an easy to understand way.

You will learn where your child is at on the Blueprint, what systems need to be strengthened before change can happen and how to best help your child at home and at school. This blueprint is for all ages, all stages and all abilities as it is neuroscientifically based.

“Thank you Becky for this Blueprint. I have shown it to my son’s teachers. They say it painted the best picture of <my son> over any of the nonsense the ‘other’ school district had sent them. “I know understand my child in a way I never dreamed of. It makes so much sense. I know now how to best help my child, where to start, and what to focus on.”

better Behavior Level 2

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Better Speech

  • Are you frustrated with your child’s speech, verbal skills, ability to get needs met?
  • Is your child is in speech therapy and results are just not happening quick enough for you?
  • Do you know your child is bright, but just can’t seem to let others know how bright?

Becky is able to get non-verbal children in 2 days, better speech and verbal skills in 2 weeks, talking incomplete sentences and much more using several different strategies that are unique. By listening to this audio you will be able to use these strategies to help improve your child’s verbal skills.

Becky is here to help you best help your child. Just think how great life will be for you and your child when your child is able to speak well enough to get needs met, make friends, ask for things, and much more.

Better Speech
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Better Energy

  • Do you wake up exhausted and it is hard to get out of bed to start your day?
  • Do you have a hard time remembering even the simplest things?
  • Do you have fear and anxiety that keeps you from living a full life?

Come and learn how in 5 easy steps, you can break through all of these issues and start leading the life you know you were meant to live. This is a neuro scientifically based program so if you have a brain, a body and a nervous system this system will work for you!

This information is geared toward people with Chemo Brain, but also works with parents, educators and professions. We all need to know some of the neuro reasons why we are tired and what to do about it. Life changing information for everyone!

Better Energy
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Better Reading

  • When children learn to read it changes their lives!
  • Better behavior, self-esteem, grades, and futures!

Learning to read is more than the eyes and brain reading letters and words. The brain and body need to be working efficiently in order to get to the higher neuro function of reading.

Our brains and bodies get ready to read as soon as we are born. This CD will help you to uncover the root cause of your child’s reading problems (if any) and how to best help your child become a better, stronger reader.

You will learn several activities that are needed in order to strengthen and integrate the eyes, brain and body systems. You will also learn about the three learning styles and how to tell which one your child uses, to help your child learn easier, not harder.

Everything done in the Learn To Read program has a scientific neuro reason strengthening and integrating your child’s eyes, brain and body, which will get your child ready to read!

Better Reading
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Better Social Skills

  • Does your child play alone?
  • Is it hard for your child to make friends?
  • Do you understand the importance of friendship and connection in your child’s life?

This huge piece seemed (and still seems) to be an issue with my own children as well as the children I continue to work with.

After listening to this CD you will know what is causing social issues in your child and get 5 keys to unlock the better friend in your child.

This information needs to be heard by all parents, teachers and anyone that loves and works with children.

Better Social Skills
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Please enjoy and let me know what you learn, what you think, and how I can best help you help your child. Email me at and we can talk.